EXCLUSIVE: Leslie Fhima Shares Dating Update And How She Feels About Gerry & Theresa Now

EXCLUSIVE: Leslie Fhima Shares Dating Update And How She Feels About Gerry & Theresa Now


Opening up.

Bachelor Nation fans got to know Leslie Fhima on Season 1 of “The Golden Bachelor” where she was one of the final women vying for Gerry Turner’s heart.

Leslie and Gerry broke up at the end of the season and we saw him marry Theresa Nist at the Golden Wedding earlier this year.

Now, Leslie stopped by for an exclusive chat with BachelorNation.com, where she opened up about her dating life now and how she feels about Gerry and Theresa months later.

Check out our conversation with Leslie below!

Bachelor Nation: Thank you for chatting with us, Leslie! We have to know, do you have any dating updates for us?

Leslie Fhima: No dating updates recently. I actually have not been dating. I haven’t really had that many people ask me out or try to set me up. I thought it would be a little bit more abundant, but that’s ok. I’ve been really busy. I’ve been traveling, teaching more, working at a music venue, and being with my kids. So dating has fallen on the back burner. I am not really seeking dating out either, so it’s not really a priority for me at the moment. I do want to find somebody though! I saw the speculation I was dating someone new, but that was just my pickleball partner! While I’m a girl’s girl, I also have a lot of male friends. I love my male friends! I have fixed them up with people, some of them are married, but no, none of them are romantic connections for me.

BN: That makes sense! When you do get back into dating, do you know what you are looking for?

LF: Absolutely. Being on the show has shown me that I shouldn’t be looking for someone that checks every single box. I more so want someone that I can get along with, is active, loves my family, I love their family, and things like that. I just want the same moral compass and values as someone rather than wanting someone who likes all the same things I do. That’s not as important anymore. I just want to grow old with someone. I want that partner and best friend.

BN: Yes, love that. And while you didn’t find romantic love on the show, you seemed to find love with the other women and with Bachelor Nation!

Bachelor Nation

LF: Oh yes! I talk to the other women from the show almost daily. We have a group chat, so we’re always all texting. We will do conference calls too! I am most in touch with Sandra, Kathy, Susan, and Joan. It’s also been crazy getting to connect with Bachelor Nation fans too. I’ve been a fan since day one, so now getting that same love that I’ve been giving to all these people throughout the years is surreal. It really amazes me when people reach out and say kind things to me. I try to respond to everybody. I really do appreciate them taking the time and I appreciate what they are saying to me. And I am in touch with some other alumni too. Trista Sutter and I talk and text sometimes. She is the reason why I’m here. I watched the show originally because of her and I adore her. And Michelle Young and I live in the same city, so sometimes we go to basketball games together. We are doing a fun event together in June.

BN: That is amazing! We love those connections. And now that it’s been a few months, how was the Golden Wedding for you?

LF: It was great. The wedding wasn’t uncomfortable for me, but it was more uncomfortable because people were watching me to see what I was going to. I just wanted to focus on Gerry and Theresa on their day. I am close friends with Theresa. We were really close in the house on the show. I had my closure before that day, so I am just really happy for them and happy they are happy. That’s all I wanted at the end of the day and I think things worked out the way they should’ve. When you’re in it, that can be hard to see, but I really do feel that way now. And I think I’ll find that person for me too!

BN: Love that! Thank you so much, Leslie! Talk to you again soon.

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