Kyle Rісhаrdѕ, Kіm Rісhаrdѕ, аnd Kаthy Hіlton Reunіted for а Very Sрeсіаl Reаѕon

Kyle Richards has reunited with Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sisters have had their differences in the past. (More on that later — and in the clip above.) But when their family had the chance to celebrate a joyful occasion, the three of them put their differences aside to enjoy a special day together.

What Brought Kyle, Kim, and Kathy Together?

In a May 16 Instagram post, Kyle shared a picture of herself standing with a group that included her two sisters, her daughter Farrah Brittany, and her three nieces Brooke Wiederhorn, Kimberly Jackson, and Whitney Davis. The second photo in the carousel showed Whitney, who is Kim’s daughter, puckering her lips and wearing a white cowboy hat embossed with pearl letters spelling out “Bride.”

In her caption, Kyle wrote: “My beautiful niece [Whitney Davis] is getting married. A beautiful shower for our Whittles.” Shouting out Whitney and her fiancé, the RHOBH OG wrote: “So happy for you and [Luke Graham White].”

The Tea on Whitney Davis

Whitney has always been close with Kyle and her family — not just personally but also professionally. Back in February, it was announced that Whitney had joined Mauricio Umansky’s luxury real estate firm, The Agency, in its Aspen office.

“With a family of Colorado and California business trailblazers who shaped their own success, Whitney has found a way to pave her own distinct career path with honesty, compassion, and integrity in every aspect of her life,” says Whitney’s Agency bio. “Coming from a family whose real estate holdings at one time included Aspen Skiing Co., The Little Nell, Pebble Beach, The Beverly Hills Hotel, and various commercial real estate developments in the Denver area, Whitney has deep roots that she is able to leverage in the markets in which she operates.”

Whitney doesn’t just work with her cousins — she parties with them too. The bride-to-be recently celebrated her bachelorette weekend with her family members, and fun was had by all as the group, danced, dined, and did their best Alanis Morissette impressions for karaoke.

Kyle, Kim, and Kathy’s Strained Past

RHOBH viewers saw Kyle become visibly upset over her relationship with Kathy in the Season 12 reunion. And she had faced ups and downs in her relationships with both sisters before that. In the clip above, which is from the Season 8 reunion, Kyle confesses that the last time she’d spoken with her sister Kathy was “maybe six months ago.” She goes on to open up about certain situations that have caused familial tension, which you can hear more about above.

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