Why Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s Summer House Fights Mostly Take Place Off-Camera

Why Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s Summer House Fights Mostly Take Place Off-Camera

Summer House' Star Lindsay Hubbard Says Carl Radke 'Blew Up' Her 'Entire Life' With Breakup | whas11.com

I literally want to pull my hair out due to how badly the dream team of Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are treating one another on Summer House. Their love was born out of a lot of Fireball shots (mostly Lindsay) and the need to not grow old alone. All while hoping their PR stunt of a relationship would work out. Spoiler: it did not. Instead of getting summer should be fun vibes; all I am getting is a kidney stone, thanks to all the secondhand anxiety this couple is giving me and most likely the rest of the viewers.

Lights, camera, action

By now, we have all seen the meme of a frightened Bravo producer running around with a boom mic telling someone to find a camera and grab Andy Cohen. It’s a spot-on portrayal of how we feel watching the news of the big breakup. So imagine my surprise that with only three episodes into the new season of Summer House, there have already been multiple times the ball has been dropped. Carl and Lindsay have had at least two major arguments while in an Uber/Lyft. I have about had it up to here with the network failing to capture any of their heated words.

Now cynical old me feels like I have missed out on some pretty juicy behind-the-scenes moments because production is being cheap buttholes. The team needs to bite the bullet and buy two cars equipped with Go-Pros and a driver just for filming during the summer. Production does it all the time for the Real Housewives franchises, so why not Summer House? Imagine the in-depth dives fans could have done. And further, we would have been able to see who was in the wrong: activated Lindsay or Carl, the “terrorist.” I need Bravo to supply the equipment so we never miss out on an absurd fight again.

The legal side

Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard Clash Before Their First Weekend | The Daily Dish

Now technically, both Uber and Lyft are allowed dashcams. The driver can record as long as they don’t post the footage online. This makes me believe the reason we aren’t seeing Carl and Lindsay’s fights is the footage couldn’t be used if the vehicle wasn’t a Bravo car. Since the cast is using the public ride shares, my educated guess is that there is no way to set up a contract for the footage with the driver or the company. So I say again, Bravo, hire a driver and a car stat!

We know there are over-the-top arguments taking place because Kyle Cooke has even talked about them during his confessionals. So why the secrecy? If we had video proof, the network would have been able to domore than just hypothesize what happened in the back seat. I don’t doubt that Carl might be more dramatic than he comes off on camera, but thanks to the lack of video, fans may never see what went down while being driven all over Montauk. Can we at least get a confessional interview with the ride-share driver? Anything?

Saving grace

It could be that the no cameras in the Uber are Lindsay’s saving grace. Then she could say and act however she pleases when the cameras aren’t rolling. If this theory is true, I assume this is why Carl wanted to film the breakup. I could also imagine Carl would be sick of Lindsay switching up the narrative with no proof. And then pretend she either didn’t say the mean comments or was too drunk to remember. It probably doesn’t help that Carl is the only sober one who remembers every little detail most of the time. It would drive me crazy.

After the very first car fight, production should have nailed the details down, ensuring no other storyline would be missed. Honestly, Bravo, it isn’t rocket science over here. Just send one of the Summer House stars into the Lyft with their cell phone rolling. Maybe next season Bravo can fork over some extra cash and hire a driving service so cameras can be mounted. That way, we have none of this he said, she said mess.

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